Friday, October 16, 2009

Been a long time gone!

Ok, I know most of you are dying to see some updated pics of the kiddo's, so I will keep my updates short. With the exception of a few bumps we have had a great month. The kids are growing so fast everyday is somthing new. We had a few big events this month, the biggest of which is that Sophia and Tanner are now walking!!! Sophia started about a week before Tanner and is all over the place, now that she can walk she refuses to crawl anywhere, she may fall a hundred times,but she always stands right back up and keeps walking. Tanner on the other hand can walk, but he still prefers to crawl(it's faster and less work). Sophia is our little dancer, everytime she hears music(even my cell phone ring)she starts to wiggle. She has 4 teeth now and it is so funny,she looks like a little vampire because only her top two eye teeth are in and she loves to give you huge smiles to show them off. Tanner has 7 teeth now and they are deffinatly used alot, he eats everything in sight! He is now way off of the growth charts, he is 31 inches long and 27lbs, our Dr said that he is as big as a normal 2year old. Hard to imagine that only 15mos ago he was 2lbs 13oz. They are all getting bigger though, here are their measurements Sophia is 28in, 20.8lbs. Wyatt is 27in, 20.12oz (yes now bigger than Sophia!), Joel is still our little man at only 25.5in, and 18.7lbs. Joel and Wyatt are doing great in therapy. They are both now standing while holding on to somthing and they are both just starting to move around furniture a little. Wyatt is still our quiet man, he just loves to cuddle and not complain to much. He eats like a champ, he usually can out-eat Tanner which is amazing. Joel we have now found out is a complete daredevel and totally fearless, he doesn't let his size hold him back at all(I see many broken bones and stitches in his future). We had our first official play date earlier this month at a local water park. The kids all had a great time, but(and this is the short version of the story) Joel decided that while we were saving Wyatt from choking on a leaf, he would try out the stairs! Well as you can immagine that didn't go so well for him, I caught him after he had already managed to roll down about 6 stairs. You would have thought that he would be screaming, but he wasn't, in fact I think if I had let him he would have been happy to try to go down the rest of the stairs. He did get a large scrape on his forehead and some minor brusies, but overall he was just fine. Abby is doing great as well. We are looking forward to a few cool days so we can get outside a little. She is doing great in dance class and likes to show off all of her new moves. She is getting excited about her upcoming birthday. I can't believe she is almost 4! Wow how time flies---

On sept17th we celebrated the second Birthday of our beautiful son Ben. It was harder this year for some reason. We all went to the cemetery to bring him flowers. It was the first time the babies came with us. We are so blessed to have such a beautiful angel watching over us.

Ok now for all of the great pics( and there are alot of them ENJOY!) ps. There is a cute video of the babies at the end of the still pics:) Big Sis Abby and the babies having dinner My beautiful Abby My girls Wyatt playing with Papa Wyatt and Tan man He can't get enough of that thumb Happy Boy! Wyatt LOVES his bath time A puff party Silly Tan man It wasn't me:) I love the ball pit Yes he is! walking girl! what a smile a fit at the water park:) a good hair day gone bad! My brown eye girl Silly boy Joel Enough pictures mom After the stairs Playing at the park Love those eyes

Take care everyone! Sarah and the gang


  1. Sarah
    Lovely to have your updated blog.
    I have a friend whos Sister in law is expercting triplets in Ireland.Is there anyway she can get into your early blog when the quads were born and up to their 1st birthday.
    Much Love
    Carolyne xx

  2. Hey Girl! They are just too cute! We need to get together soon! Love the pic of Sophia's bad hair day! Too funny! Love the video of them in the pool!