Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm a big kid now!

Wow I didn't realize how long it has been since my last update on the kiddo's. Well as you all know we now have 4 beautiful one year olds on our hands, and it does truley seem that in the past few weeks they are starting to look and act more and more like toddlers than babies. As much as I would love to hold on to that baby phase forever it seems that time has different plans...More on the Big day and Party later, first I want to skip back to the begining of the month and some short updates on all of the kids.
This 4th of July was so different than the last, for one I wasn't as big as a house waddling around with 4 babies. The other big change this year is that Abby wasn't afraid of the fire works. We actually got to see a big fireworks show the night before the 4th at a local church and it was so fun to see how excited Abby was, we also set off a few of our own(totally legal of course he,he:) it was a lot of fun spending a few special moments with Abby ( the babies were sleeping). Unfortunatly Kevin had to work on the 4th so that day was pretty uneventful.

Abby watching the fireworks

Abby- Is the most happy child I have ever seen! I am not just saying this because she is mine, but she really is. She does have her moments but for the most part she is just happy and funny and super cute! She is doing great in school and is a very talented artist. She is also learning how to write simple words which she is picking up very quickly. She also started dance lessons this month which she really loves. She is taking jaz, tap and gymnastics. She is always such a help with the babies, she helps to feed them, dress them, but she is very good at keeping them entertained with her many song and dance routines, as well as the best stories that she makes up herself ( she has quite an immagination!). This past saturday Kevin and I had a chance to go out with friends (Kelly and Nick, also the parents of quads)grandma decided that she and Abby were going to have a camp out in the living room, tent and all, Abby LOVED IT!!! She had sooo... much fun. Thanks mom! Below is a pic of Abby in her dance outfit.

Tanner- Is getting so big. He just went to the dr this past week for a check up and he now weighs 24lbs. He is a chunk! I decided that it was time to lower all of the babies crib matresses down and what a good call because within days of doing so Tanner was pulling himself up and standing in his crib. He is so cute in the morning just standing their waiting on us to come and get him. He is also claping and gets very proud of himself when he does, or discovers somthing new. He loves to stand at his activity table and play and loves to crawl around the house exploring. His new favorite toy- mommy's tupperware (Loves it!) He is still bulling the other babies but they are getting better at fighting back. Our big man also now has 5 teeth!

Wyatt- Is a little eating machine!He now has 2 bottom teeth! I swear he finally decided that he was done being the tiny one and is quickly trying to catch up to Tanner. He is getting so big, almost 18Lbs now! He has been in physical therapy for over a month now and we are seeing huge improvements. He is now army crawling everywhere instead of just rolling. He stands at his activity table(with assistance)which is great because before therapy started he wasn't even putting weight on his legs. And the biggest acomplishment is that he now sits up all by himself!!! He is still his normal happy self, smiling that huge smile from sun up to sun down. Oh, how could I forget- Wyatt finally said his first word MAMA, it was the sweetest sound I have ever herd!

Joel- My sweet boy. He is now the little one, but still growing fast. I think he is about 17.6lbs now so not far behind Wyatt. He is my little ladies man, always flashing that sweet toothless smile and using those beautiful eyes to get what he wants. He doesn't have any teeth yet but it wont be long. He has started pulling up in his crib this week, so it looks like we will have to lower his mattress as well. He is getting so strong, it seems like he is doing somthing new everyday. Therapy is going great, he has physical and occupational therapy once a week with Wyatt. He is eating very well and is starting to eat some finger foods! He is still army crawling and is like a little speed racer, he is soo... fast.

Sophia- Oh, the little princess! Her personality is just starting to really shine,it feels that she is making that change from baby to little girl. She is now about 19lbs, and about the same height as Tanner. She has two little bottom teeth. She is such a mammas girl which I just love. She is pulling up in her crib and on furniture and the baby gates along with Tanner. I think she will probably be the first to walk. She loves to play with the other babies and especially Abby. She is starting to giggle alot and LOVES to talk, it is so cute to hear her, it is like she is having a whole little conversation with herself or whomever else is around at the time. She loves playing with her little toy phone, she will put it to her and talk away. Her favorite word these days is daddy, when she wakes up in the morning she sits in her crib and screams daddy as loud as she can until I (mommy) come to get her, funny:) she is so cute and so happy ( most of the time) I just love being able to be home with the babies and watch all the changes they are growing up so fast!

Oh, one more big thing I forgot to mention-- They are all starting to drink out of sippy cups! Yahoo!!!!!

I am sure I am forgetting a ton of stuff that has happend since the last post, I promise to try and update it every week or so from now on.
Here are two video's I made hope you enjoy: the first is from the birthday party and the second is just general pics from July.

Hugs--- Sarah and family

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Happy First Birthday my sweet Tanner, Joel, Wyatt and Sophia. It has been an amazing year with both good times and sad. We are so blessed to have them in our lives. I hope everyone enjoys the special video I put together.
Ps.Don't forget to pause the music on the blog before starting the video

Happy Birthday Tanner,Joel, Wyatt & Sophia

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